Picture weekend - Mountain Climbing

Hi people, hope your weekend has started well? Mine will be fairly laid back, we're going to see Contagion later today, and I'll probably try to do some writing. On the latter, my work in progress (A Fiery Love) has some mountain climbing scenes in it and I've been doing some research online to get the setting in order. But I also have to describe how the characters feel, you know, how they're out of breath, the feeling of satisfaction when they get to the top, that sort of thing.

So, a couple of weeks ago after my cast was removed, we decided to do something we've been putting off because of my broken arm, tackle one of the lower peaks of a mountain near by. A friend joined us and we set out. The first picture is of a dry waterfall. We went at the wrong time, I guess. The grove was all set up, but no water. Boo! like one small girl we came across with her family said.

I was trying to channel a Cougar, which the mountain was named after, you know, blend into the background :)

The trek was excruciating at points, we took some detours to see the sights, like this small lake in the clay pits. When we finally got to the top, the view made it absolutely worth it.

The view from the top of Lake Sammamish.
Well, Dunni and Babs will be getting some real to life writing of their Erin Ijesha treks through my experience of Cougar Mountain, lol...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and see you Monday with an excerpt. Mwah!