Crying at Weddings - Jumping the Broom (Movie)

People, I don't know what's happening to me these days o. I've always been a romantic but I viewed weddings with a more practical eye. After all, they're just one day in a couple's life and is usually a fiesta to satisfy society and make their families proud. But recently, I've found my heart melting at pictures of weddings, and after I almost shed tears this weekend at the cinema for Jumping the broom, I had to write about it.

Of course I love and devour Mills&Boons, and oh and ah over those epilogues where they have a beautiful wedding, same as in the romantic comedies. But never to the extent of crying! It all started with the wedding websites, and then the Bellanaija wedding features, and then guess what? I saw a clip of Prince William and Kate exchanging their wedding vows and almost teared up. It reminded me so much of my own wedding, it was such a typical Anglican wedding (well, except that the Prince did not want a ring). Since then, I've been watching myself, and waiting to see if it was a one off. Turns out it wasn't.

So, we went to see Jumping the Broom at the cinema over the weekend, and it was such a lovely movie. It was produced by TD Jakes and tried to incorporate a bit of African-American history and culture and the background over the phrase "Jumping the Broom". I love how the movie started with pictures of real weddings from back in the days, reminding me that this love, this wedding we all make mouth about didn't start today. It also totally set the scene for the wedding weekend we were about the see in the movie.

Sabrina and Jason are getting married in her parent's Martha's Vineyard property (Classy Uptown) and his mother would be coming in from Brooklyn (Working-Class Downtown). The two families clash as neither is shy of making their reservations about the marriage known to the other. There was a hilarious scene where instead of saying grace over their engagement dinner, Jason's mom prays that God should forgive Sabrina's family for having so much money, LOL....

Some secrets did come out about both families, and both mothers had their lessons to learn in order for their characters to develop. More importantly, like I mentioned in Doll's Post - a conversation with her dad about her relationship - it is imperative for a couple to learn how to reconcile after quarrels. After a short courtship (6 months - with no sex by the way!) and in this their wedding weekend, Jason and Sabrina had to cram as much conflict resolution skills as possible.

In the end, the wedding was worth it, and my eyes were wet as I left the screen.


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