Cupid's Risk - Countdown to Finale.

So over on Cupid's Risk Series, there are just two more chapters to go before the end of the series. Iphey is in danger and Chinedu is not going to stand for it. He will do whatever it takes even if it means putting himself in harms way. Go catch up now with the the latest episode...


“Hey babe…”

“Chinedu, Err...Supo just gave me a few things.”


“He gave me a bag of some kind of....paraphernalia...”

“Iphey, clothes, a hand bag and a...blonde wig hardly qualify as paraphernalia…” Chinedu said trying to make light the situation.

“Chinedu!” Iphey said in her “Cut the crap” voice.

“Look Iphey, some people are watching you. Some very bad people…I thought I wouldn‘t have to tell you but…there." He listened for a while.

"You said you have to meet James but they mustn't know it‘s you, that's what the different clothes are for...Is James there, yes? OK...make sure you stay in the restaurant. Don't go home and don't follow him anywhere. Discharge him soon...tell him clients or something. You must change before you leave. Go out through the side door…Iphey, trust me, ok?"

"Go to double Four….Stay there. Supo will come to pick you again. Do as he says..Go with him to wherever he takes you. You‘ll be safe there.”

The phone line went silent for a while. Chinedu could almost hear her thinking.

“Iphey…are you there?”

“Yes..” Iphey said in a voice that even he did not recognize. He could tell she was not happy with the whole cloak and dagger affair.

“Sweetheart…This too shall pass…We’ll get through this…Be strong for me. Please go and change. Call me when you’re safe with Supo.”

She remained silent. “Iphey. I love you…” He had a terrible feling that she would not see him in a long while.

“I love you too honey. Promise you'll tell me what this is about later." Her vice faded.

"I promise, and please act normal…not like anything's up. Call me if you have any hiccups…”



In other news, enjoy some pictures from New York. More to come. Click to enlarge.

Chrysler Building in the distance.

UN Building on the right.

The Subway. We used that quite a fair bit, very noisy.

The Nigerian Embassy, we had some business there.

Waldorf Astoria, reminded me of coming to America.