Best Prom Dresses 2019: What To Wear To Prom

Prom can be both the most exciting time of your life and the most stressful. Not only do you have to lock down a date, plan your dinner reservations, book a limo, and get your tickets, but also you have to find that perfect dress. You want to be lavish and eloquent and not show up in something that is going to be considered out of style.
It goes without saying that there really are going to be hundreds to thousands of options at your fingertips, but keeping up with the latest trends can really help narrow down your choices. Here is what’s going to be trending this year.

 The Flared Sleeve

Have you ever heard the expression wear your heart on your sleeve? Well, that statement is true for many young girls and their prom night and that is what is going to be is style this year. Any long-sleeved dress with a flared sleeve in shiny, pleated material will give off an appearance that cannot be matched. This in combination with a knee-high skirt and you will surely impress the masses. Just remember when shopping for quality prom dresses online with flared sleeves, you want to do it here. They offer quality and affordability all in one.

Be Minimal

There is nothing wrong with being minimal and if you can pull it off, you will have achieved quite the effect. Simply bypass the oversized tulle skirts that only offer ruffles with tons of embroidery and opt for a sleek cut that is streamlined with a silhouette. This silhouette can come in the form of a silky slip dress paired with a simple jumpsuit. This type of setup also works really well with a low-key up-do hairstyle. If you are interested in a prom dress like this, you can get one from this reputable vendor with the assurance that you won’t be overpaying.

The Fairy Tale

What young girl doesn’t love a good fairy tale? And, the fairy tale prom dress is certainly going to be trending this year. The structured bodices and voluminous skirt will really make you stand out this year. If you want to add an additional flair to your style, you should consider going with some sort of pastel color scheme. A white, organ, green, and pink combination will be a favorite of many. This in combination with a dab of blush, a single choker necklace, and matching drop earrings and you will no doubt be turning heads.

The Disco Dress

Who says the disco era is dead. Okay, so maybe it is bust that doesn’t mean the style won’t be trending this year at prom. In fact, the knee hemlines with the asymmetric necklines combined with a healthy dose of sparkle are going to be the very things that make many young girls shine this season. You can even throw in two shoulder pads to really help sell that eighties styles. This style of dress will go perfectly with high heels, short and textured hair, and generous amounts of attractive eyeliner.