How to Choose a Topic For a Dissertation Proposal

So you are finally rounding off your academic program, and there is just one more huddle to scale through before you get that degree. You’ve just realized it’s not a small huddle, in fact, it will determine whether you have just wasted your time, money and effort over the last couple of years.

If you must write your dissertation, you must do first things first. You have to decide on a topic and then write your dissertation proposal. It sounds easy right? I know you now know the better.
Choosing a topic for your dissertation and dissertation proposal is arguably the most important part of the project. To many students it can be very challenging.
Many students begin to fail from this point. Get your topic right, and you would most probably have a smooth ride through your dissertation. Get it wrong and I assure you that loads and loads of frustration are waiting for you along the way.
Now, why is the topic so important? Well, your topic is like a compass that guides you as you go along positing, questioning, analyzing, scrutinizing, comparing, examining and evaluating your thesis.
The topic also helps the reader to understand what your research is all about. It is the first thing a reader sees and looks out for in a project. Therefore as a first impression, you have to make it stand out and make the reader want to continue reading the dissertation.

The following are some tips on how to choose a dissertation topic

I know you must have heard some people say that they did not choose their topic, but rather their topic chose them. These people claim to have received their topics from out of the blues during sleep, meditation or while relaxing on the beach.
Following these types of testimonies, some students fall into the error of also waiting for their own inspiration until it is too late.
The truth is that all those who claim to have gotten their topic through revelation are those who done enough research on the subject matter of interest.
Before you start to crack your brain in an attempt to come up with a befitting topic, do yourself a favour and research.
Soak yourself in the subject matter of your interest. Read up all available materials you can lay your hands on, and I promise you that you will discover that topic your heart yearns for.
We all have our passions and areas of interest. Pick your topic from these areas. One of the main reasons of sticking with a passionate topic is that a dissertation as an academic exercise is a serious consideration of all sides.
What this means is that it will surely take much longer than any academic work you have ever embarked upon.
From the beginning, the student will be expected to write a convincing research proposal. This requires a deep understanding and passion for the topic. Your topic therefore must be able to hold your interest for a long time.
Although I have stressed the need of choosing a topic you are passionate about, it must however not be one that will take you round the world.
Choose a topic that you will be able to manage its size. Do not make the mistake of allowing your passion for a particular subject to lead you to take on a topic that is too large.
Therefore identify your limit, and only bite the much you can chew.
Do not be deceived, the truth is that no matter how passionate and interested you are in a subject, if you cannot obtain credible data and information within a reasonable time, then the topic is not worth writing about.
Dissertations are usually carried out within a certain time frame. This means you have a limited time to write and submit your work.
If you choose a topic that requires a lot of capital and you do not have the finance to carry it out, then it will be impossible to conclude within the required time frame