Appeal Of The Bad Boy - Do Nice Guys Finish Last

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Do you like to think of yourself as a nice guy? How many times have you been told that you are just too nice to date? Frustrating right? So, what is it about bad boy’s? Why do they seem to appeal to women more than those guys who want to take care of them and treat them right?
They think they can change them
There is nothing more satisfying than a challenge, and for most women, they like the idea of being able to take an eternal bachelor and snare him for themselves. They will put the cheating and misbehaviour in the past down to “not finding the right girl” and think that it won’t be the same for them. Unfortunately, most of the time it is.
The thrill is in the chase
Another reason has to be that there is a great thrill to be had from trying to pin down a bad boy for yourself. All that hard work must have a pay out? Chances are, it doesn’t. Some women have the mind-set that a guy that is happy to act normal, rather than playing games, is a bit of a walkover and that they will quickly lose interest, however, this isn’t always true.
They don’t have to work hard to impress
If you are the type of person that treats those around you badly, then they come to expect this behaviour. That means any small gesture that you make will stand out a mile. If you are a nice, normal guy, then the bar is set pretty high, which can be hard to keep up. However, if you are a bad boy, then simply turning up when you say you will, will be enough to melt her heart.
They appear more attractive
There is some deep-rooted psychology that points to the fact that those people who have a less than likeable personality, can be more attractive than those who are nice. A great example of this is the queen bee at an American high school in the movies. They are not always the most beautiful girls, but they somehow have all the guys at their feet. It is not only popularity that has this power, but the fact that they are mysterious and interesting, simply because they are not particularly nice.
Is a nice guy a manly guy?
Some women simply believe that a guy who is nice, isn’t manly. Which is far from the truth. There are plenty of guys out there who are incredibly masculine, yet simply know how to treat a lady and make sure that she is happy. Your personality is never equal to the masculinity.
Some men may feel tempted to become a bad boy if they are not having much luck dating, turning instead to finding local bangs and sleeping around.This is one way to approach things, but you should always make sure that you stay true to yourself and remain a nice guy. There is going to be the perfect girl out there who is ready to meet someone decent.

Whilst nice guys may finish last in a dating sprint, they are always the winners when it comes to a love marathon.