How to Make Money as an E-Book Author

Writing and publishing a book once took some hard work and a lot of time and effort. After meeting with publishers and shopping your book idea around, you met with editors and went over multiple drafts of the book. Once the book finally landed in stores, you never knew if you had a best seller or if your book would land in the bargain bin. Those who went the self-publishing route had to research companies carefully to avoid potential scams. Thanks to Amazon and other websites, you now have the chance to make money and become an entrepreneur as an e-book author.

Choose Your Niche

Niche is a term that refers to the area of expertise that you have. It's important that you write books that fall within the same niche and that you write about something that you know. E-book websites let you post a short biography about yourself and link to all the books that you write. When someone finishes reading your book, that person will want to read more books on the same topic. If you write about various subjects, you might consider using different pen names for each subject.

Work with Others

The best authors and those making the most money are those willing to work with others. While Amazon and other sites offer publishing tools that let you use a free image to create a cover, experts generally recommend that you hire a professional to make your cover. You'll also want to work with a professional to edit your books. When customers read books, they often write reviews, and you may get some poor reviews that point out the editing mistakes that you missed. While it costs extra to pay for a cover and editing, those additions can help you sell more copies.

Make a Connection

Those working as entrepreneur today, including RGE Sukanto Tanoto, often use connections to make more money. While you can make quite a bit as an e-book author, you can make even more when you connect your books back to a central website. Use that website to sell memberships to a program that you offer in your niche or to make money off the ads that you place on your site. The more revenue streams that you develop in your niche, the more profits you might see.

Keep Writing

For every book priced at $2.99 or higher that you sell, you make 70 percent of the sale price, and you make 30 percent of the sale price of any book priced below that amount. The best way to make more money as an author is with more books. Many authors write shorter books to entice new readers and price those books lower. They then write longer books and sell those books at a higher rate. Having multiple books at different price points is a smart way to hook new readers and make more money off existing readers.

E-books allowed anyone with an idea to turn that idea into a book that appeals to others. As an entrepreneur, you can write about topics ranging from investing in the real estate market to making money online. Connecting those e-books back to your website and publishing books in your niche can help you make more money than you imagined.