What Does God Fearing Mean to You?

I often wonder about this term when people mention it as part of what they're looking for in their potential spouses. I can understand wanting a Christian, or someone who shares your faith, denomination, or even the church you already attend. Those, I think, are easier to recognize. The same as saying you want someone with good moral values, or the same values as you.

But seriously, God fearing has me lost for practical steps to advice someone on what to look out for. So this is me asking for pointers, not trying to say this is a good thing or a bad thing to have in one's requirements for a partner. On general terms, I actually think it's a good thing if this means the person has a strong ethical and moral core. But if it means the person spends 100% of their free time in church, that may not be so cheering if I intend to share a relationship with them outside of the church.

What does God fearing mean to you, and how will you recognise it when you see it, or if you already are in a relationship where you found a God fearing man, can you please share how this quality can be translatable in real life?