How to Make Okra with Tomato Stew - Eat With Amala

There are the usual draw soups that I grew up with, Okro cooked into a sauce with vegetables, like the one I made with Ogbono, here. And then there's the okro I discovered when I was a bit older, and more common with southwest or Yoruba cooking. You prepare your tomato stew as usual [see recipe], and then you cut or blend your okro, and then mix both into a soup.

I am lucky to get very good okro at our local grocery store where it's cut and frozen fresh. So for a change of menu, I use it with tomato stew every once in a while.


Cut or blended fresh Okra
Broth if you have some
1/2 of a small sized onion
1 Fresh pepper
1 Knorr chicken cube
Salt to taste.

cut and frozen fresh okra

Defrosted okro cooking in broth


1. Put your broth in a small pot, start on slow heat
2. Blend you okra, pepper and onions to desired texture
3. Pour the mixture into the broth
4. Add salt and knorr  cube to taste
5. Simmer slowly for 10 mins, stirring intermittently.
6. Taste to ensure it is done, and remove from heat.

Ingredients for making Amala



1. In a medium sized pot, bring the water to a slow boil. Also heat some water in an electric kettle, or set aside some of the boiling water in a cup.
2. Add the Elubo flour to the water in the pot, and stir.
3. If it is thick, add some boiled water from the kettle. If too soft, add some more elubo.
4. Continue to stir until you get your desired consistency, it should ideally be smooth in texture without lumps.

Your meal is ready for lunch or dinner, enjoy!