How to Increase Your Blog Traffic From Google Search

As you can see from the picture, my biggest traffic on this blog comes from Google Search. The search brings traffic three times either those from Twitter or Facebook, my next biggest traffic sources. Then there's also,, and other localized results. In fact, Google organic search traffic is responsible for up to 70% of my traffic, and because they are relevant, most of those new visitors end up coming again and again.

 I am not a guru yet, and I have to be honest and tell you increased traffic did not happen for me overnight. It took a lot of luck, chance, and hard work. Not just writing on the blog, but also looking underneath the hood, reading articles on SEO and blogging, making google search my friend, reading the blogger forums, tweaking and re-tweaking my blog template, focusing or widening my niche, etc.

So how do you get traffic from Google? Before you do anything, you have to know that it is imperative that you first have great content on your blog. Also, the more numerous they are, the more chances you have of appearing in Google search results. And the longer your blog has been online, and the more relevant visitors find it, the more likely it is that google will start ranking you high. Before you know it, you will be ranking on the first page, and maybe even at #1. And then the traffic will start pouring in.

First steps to start you on your way;

Make sure you're logged on to your blog, then go to

You can also add to Yahoo and Bing search.

This article links even more places you can add your blog to be indexed for seach -

Hope this helps.