Women Who Go Out on Dates with Men For Free Food

Some ladies have made it a part time career. It was in 2006 that the concept of 'dinner whore' was popularized when the New York Post published an article about Brooke Parkhurst, pictured above. She was then a 26-year-old food blogger, and confessed to running up a combined tab of $30,000 after going on more than 200 dinner dates.

More recently, a New York Carrie Bradshaw wannabe, Brittny Pierre, kept her food budget down by utilizing online dating sites like OKCupid and Craiglist personals to score dinner dates, not for romance but for the free meals. In her own words on XOJane;

To find my victims, I would chitchat with each possible suitor and then hope they’d offer to take me out, which 9 out of 10 times they would. I would pick a restaurant I wanted to try out in the city and then it was on.

By October, I was scheduling three dates a week while on my lunch break at my internship. I was exhausted from keeping up with two sites, chatting up with guys I barely knew, trying to remember their interests and squeezing them into my schedule. How do serial daters do this? It was quickly turning into a full-time job with benefits of steak dinner and crème brulee desserts.

And the dates! The horror dates I had to indulge for the simple sake of a meal.

I went out with everything. One of my first dates was with a guy who had an extreme foot fetish who couldn’t get through the meal without mentioning something about my feet. The server asked if we wanted dessert and my date answered with “Yes, her toes.”

Then there was a guy who couldn’t speak a lick of English. He joked in a text before our meeting, “I hope we have a translater on our date.” I thought it was a joke, but I put my barely passing high school level of Spanish to good use that night.

Or the guy who proceeded to flirt with any woman who walked past us in front of me. I made sure on that date to order the most expensive dish on the menu. Even though I hate seafood, I got lobster and ordered dessert and it was the best meal of my life!

Then everything started to get out of hand. My schedule started to get sloppy. I planned to have dinner with one guy and drinks with another a couple of hours later. Date #1 wanted to continue hanging out and I found myself on a date with both guys. MAYDAY! MAYDAY! I tried to introduce both as “friends” but when they asked how we all know one another and it clicked that they both know me from OkCupid, they knew they were both on a date with the same girl.

After months of talking to close to 100 men and setting up over 60 dates, I finally decided to end my dates-for-meals plan. I eventually told my friends what I had been up to and majority of my girlfriends thought it was a brilliant idea whereas my guy friends thought I was the lowest of lowest.

A really close guy friend said he was disappointed in my recent escapades. He felt I was using men and explained to me that these men I went on dates with were probably expecting a relationship from me, yet I just wanted a meal and nothing more.

Did you ever go out with a guy for a free meal? If you're a guy, do you usually pay the full bill when you take a lady out, and how would you feel if you find out she's just using you for the free stuff she can get?