#WeJustCantDate - Reasons You Just Can't Date Him or Her

‏Why can't you date one of those guys or ladies who has been on your case for the longest? Is it their kissing skills, their body hygiene, their spending habits, how they dress, or how social they are? Some of the reasons trending on Twitter are below. For more fun and games, leave your own in the comments :)

@MkpenimkeEkanem #wejustcantdate If Your Demand Culture Is Very High.
@TheEtnies_Jags: #WeJustcantDate if every guy on twitter is your boo, hunnie, baby..""
@lizzywindeck: #WeJustCantDate if u cant spend money on mi
@LarsShinyemba: #WeJustCantDate if you color block.
@mystiC_SLosH: #wejustcantdate if you snorelike a screen muncher tho
‏@mystiC_SLosH #wejustcantdate if gulder ultimate search takes place in ur armpit
‏‏@pweetylisa: If u pick ur nose wt ur finger  n still stick dt finger in2 ya mouf #WeJustCantDate
@Itz_ms_skittles: #WeJustCantDate if yhu re harsh"
@lchronicle: #WeJustCantDate if you are keeping ur body for ur future husband & am busy spending my future wife's money on you #lobatan"
@The_Awesome101: #WeJustCantDate if u kiss with your eyes open...