Vertical Challenges - A Short "DOCUMENTARY"

I laughed so hard when I first saw this quasi documentary, some of you may have been wondering why the issue of my height came up in some of my earlier posts, it was this video, I watched it with Atala a few days ago. I was just nodding at some of the points raised by the main actor, who happened to be short too, and the comments on the Youtube page, hahaha...
tunuoyelola - It's not a real story? :( I was getting so carried away with the "Happily Ever After" ending, until the credits started to roll! LOL.

Kaffy Saibu - I love your story I'm 5'3 myself, and I hate it too. lol I wish I was taller "wishful thinking". but at least I'm taller than my mom lmao. And I love tall guys too...I only date tall guys, winks

Alyssa Darden - I love this! I'm short too.. just barely 5 "

TAYOR FARYEM - She likes tall guy!!!!!!!!!!!

chugcee - short guys need love too... but not from me!!!! :) best line ever

lobecosc - The funny thing is that short women are more accepted socially than short men. Men love short women regardless of the guy's height, yet women will not date a short man regardless of the women's height. Great documentary tho.

OK, I promise I won't talk about my short height again, for a while anyway. This documentary is part of the Afrinolly short film competition some of which I have featured like - Where Fishes Drown and The Promise. Both The Promise and The Short Documentary won second prizerespectively in the Film and Documentary categories. You can see the other winners HERE.