Satan in History Channel's The Bible Resembles Obama?

I'd heard about The Bible, History Channel's retelling of Bible stories, but haven't been following - I saw enough Bible stories growing up, I have my own bible now, and it clashed with some other shows we were already following. But news today brought my attention to the latest twist to the program. It seems like Twitter and other social media platforms in the US went agog last night when those who watched the latest episode noted the resemblance between President Barack Obama and the Moroccan actor, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, who played Satan.

The topic began to go viral after right-wing radio-host Glenn Beck tweeted about it. Thousands of his followers, and the show's viewers agreed with him, and of course Obama supporters have been up in arms.

To be honest, I was struck by the resemblance myself and was wondering how come we never heard of the actor as an Obama lookalike before now. I only found one picture of the actor, and he doesn't look like Obama, so what gives?

Do you agree there's a resemblance? And if so, could it have been done deliberately for publicity or to discredit Obama?