Natural Indian or Peruvian Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic?

Before I go on, let me state categorically that I do NOT believe in possessed hair extensions, natural or synthetic. Even before natural Indian hair extensions became popular in the Nigerian market, such stories as the one below have always made the rounds in Christian and secular circles. I guess they are meant to discourage those who some pastor or spiritual types think want to look "better than God made them". It may also be a way of staking authority over women's bodies, minds and actions.

A contact on Facebook tagged me in the above ad for their hair extension business, and before long, they had to qualify it with this quote. - "Mide's Mane is not Brazilian/Indian/Peruvian. It is luxury virgin hair designed specifically under the brand name." I'm guessing they got some questions and negative comments on their initial pictures. If you haven't heard or read about how this distinction between natural and synthetic extensions might be necessary, and why synthetic may be preferable, read Rachel Edjeren's story.

I think it's good that Rachel followed her spirit, but trying to cause mass hysteria, or foisting her fears and insecurities on others is another thing altogether. I wear my hair unrelaxed but that does not rule out using extensions, and even then, I will not try to use my own justifications for cutting my hair to shoe horn or scare other women into doing the same.

What do you guys think?

BTW, before Rachel came up with her dream, Josy had already written a captivating fiction series about this topic on her blog. You will be scared reading it, in a good or bad way, your call.

PS, for those interested in Mide's Mane hair extensions, they have an easter sale going on. Check it out HERE. This is not a sponsored post.