Jayz Shows Beyonce Love on Instagram - She Saved Me

I am not the only one getting some online PDA [See Atala's 15 Things I Love about my Nigerian Wife].

JayZ is showing Beyonce cool love on Instagram. In addition to the captioned picture above, there are a couple of others below and more on his page. You can follow him here. I am also on instagram, here :)

What is #tbt, that's the caption to the third picture.

PS - I confess. I was seriously beefing Beyonce after I found out she really released that last song snippet, "Bow Down B*tches". At first I said, bloggers have come again, until I followed the link to her site. I was like, Beyonce has fallen my hand, after all the women love. But seriously, I may not be a fan of the B-word, but can I say I have never felt the sentiment expressed in those lyrics, probably not. So I stepped off the high horse quickly.