Immigrant wins $338M Powerball Jackpot in New Jersey

Maybe it's time to start playing the lottery, I can really do with some cool $millions. Who wouldn't?

A 44-year-old immigrant from the Dominican Republic is the winner of a $338 million Powerball lottery jackpot in the U.S., and he's telling reporters in Spanish that he's "very happy."

Several media outlets were at the New Jersey liquor store, where the ticket was sold, on Monday when Pedro Quezada entered. They report that the store owner validated Quezada's ticket as a winner. Reports also identified his home country. The New Jersey Lottery confirmed that the winning ticket was validated at the store.

A lump sum payout would be $221 million, or about $152 million after taxes. It's the fourth-largest jackpot in Powerball history. Quezada told reporters that his first priority will be helping his family. His wife, Ines Sanchez, told the Bergen Record that Quezada called her with the news Monday afternoon. "I still can't believe it," she said. "We never expected it but thank God." []