I Got the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was nominated by Nana Prah, author and blogger at Loving Romance, Loving Life. Nana is also a member of the Romance Writers of West Africa and the author Love through time, a romance novel to be released later this year by Black Opal Books. I really enjoy Nana's writing and it's always great to be recognized. Thank you, Nana.

So the rule of the award is to state 7 things about me.

1. Since moving to the United States, I have visited 12 states, about 6 of them during our road trip in 2011. America is a very big country, and it has been a great experience seeing what I have of it.

2. I love taking photographs, and writing, but I think you can guess that from this blog.

3. I started wearing my hair unrelaxed a couple of years ago. Though I call it natural most times, I feel funny doing that when I use shampoo and hair creams I know not what goes into them.

4. I am a big fan of some great artists and have been lucky enough to see some of them in concert, Toni Braxton as well as Sade and John Legend. Almost saw Kenny G who is actually a Seattle native some time ago, but mixed up the dates after already getting tickets, I could have kicked myself

5. I am infertile, and for those who need an explanation, it means any person or couple who cannot get pregnant after one year or more of unprotected sex. I am still believing God, and I hope in the meantime to share that parenting love with foster kids, maybe adopt one day.

6. I am a feminist, I think majority of women are downtrodden and believe I can help their lot by speaking it and advocating for policies that benefit them. I also believe in women collaborating and supporting each other.

7. In case you missed it, I am a short woman. Some call it vertically challenged, I call it what it is. This is a bonus so you guys can tease me again :)

Now it’s my turn to nominate seven bloggers who inspire me.

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- Rhapsody Phoenix

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Click on their names to and find out why I find their blogs so inspirational.

If you've been nominated and don't want to play along or don't have the time, no worries. But if you do, here's how to play:

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