I am Looking For Bloggers For Lifestyle Blogging

I need about 5 writers for this blog and a new lifestyle website I'm building. This is an opportunity for people who are serious about writing and blogging long term to get into a prime internet property at the ground level. Have you been blogging without any monetary returns and would like to get rewarded? Do you keep yourself updated with current events in various segments of society? Would you like to write about your personal activities and life on a daily basis, and earn something for your efforts? If you have been thinking of blogging in a big way, but wasn't sure about going it alone, then you may have found a team.

Here are the requirements:

A minimum of 2 and no more than 10 posts daily Mon - Fri are required.
A passion for the category you select is a BIG plus
SEO and keyword knowledge is desired but not required.
Blog posts must be at least 300 words long. This can be less for posts with larger/more pictures.
Submit your posts anytime you want, I will schedule.
Above average writing is required as minimal editing will be done.
All posts must be unique content.
Non-anonymous bloggers willing to write from a personal place are desired, but not compulsory
Those who are familiar with posting on a Blogger will be considered before others but I am open to teaching writers how to post on Blogger.

If you’re interested please send an email to myne@mynewhitman.com with the following:
Subject: Savvy Nigerian - Category Name
A brief paragraph of why you’re interested in this opportunity
A 300 – 500 word article/blog post sample OR
A link to your current blog, if you have one.

The categories for writers include, Politics, Health and Wellness, Sports, Fashion/Style, Career, Love, Dating and Relationships, Family/Parenting, Finances/Money, Food and Drink, Entertainment/Media, Lifestyle, Gender and Feminist Issues, Faith, Spirituality and Inspiration. Also, Interior and Garden, Beauty, Education, Arts, Culture, DIY and Home Decor, News and Events, Cars, Environment, Travel, Topics for Men, Technology and Gadgets.

Savvy Nigerian is billed to be a prime online property geared toward the global Nigerian audience. There seems to be the idea hovering around, if you look at the top sites in Nigeria for example, that Nigerians only know gossip, and maybe news. But I want to try something new. I want to see more educated and mature writing representing us out there. I've been writing some of that, now I want some of you to join me to promote a different, more savvy Nigerian.

Writers can stick to one category or write in up to 5, no more. Contributors will be paid a specific percentage of site earnings each month, with a generous bonus to those with more blog posts and or post-views. This is because the more readers your post attracts, the more money the site will make.

I will be doing heavy marketing here on RML, my social media, and other sites to attract visitors, but the writers will also be required to do some passionate promotion too. We will start with the basic revenue generation avenues, but as the site grows I plan to implement additional advertising techniques.

If selected, I will email you a contract and after you return the contract you can get started immediately.

Thanks for your interest!