How to Make Tomato Stew in Pictures

Tomato stew is one of those meals all Nigerians are supposed to know how to cook, and it is a base to a lot of popular foods like white rice and stew, with dodo, with okro for swallow foods, among others. I find it one of the easiest to prepare as it doesn't need much attention, except when it does.

Yes, I've had some of my stew burn at the bottom of the pot because I forgot it for about five minutes or so. But if you pay attention towards the end, and remember to keep the heat low, it should not be too hard to get it just right.

Select several tomatoes and onions depending on what quantity of stew you want to make

Dice thm

Blend your tomatoes and onions, add ground pepper to taste

Heat some oil and add your blended tomato mixture

Add the spices and salt to taste. These are my favorite spices for cooking stew

Cook on high heat till it starts boiling. I usually leave my pot of stew open, but I know some people close theirs.

Simmer at low heat till the oil floats to the top

Your stew is ready, enjoy!