Having a Wedding for the Sake of The Ancestors

Was I the only one who thought the reports of 8 years old Sanele Masilela's marriage to 61years old Helen Shabangu in Tshwane, South Africa, were, in the words of Twain, greatly exaggerated? I had seen the news several weeks before it went viral through the British tabloid media. Now they are sensationalising reports of the boy having dinner with his "wife".

What had made me read and flip the page was the part of the initial report that stated clearly that the wedding ceremony was not legally binding and was just a ritual prompted by the boy who said his dead grandfather whom he was named after wanted a white wedding.

If there's anything interesting about the whole thing, I think it's that their whole community is very supersitious, which is their own look out. Or, the boy is probably spoilt, and gets his way whenever he wants something. Naming him after his dead grandfather may have something to do with it sha. Therefore, no Babatunde, Nnenna, or Nnanna names for me :)