Dear Myne - My Fiance Won't Abstain With Me For Lent

Please, I need you to help me ask your readers a question. I'm faced with a dilemma right now. As you know we are in the season of lent which is basically for fasting and praying and seeking the face of God. I have decided to be dedicated to my fasting this period and commit certain issues I am facing into Gods hands.

I discussed this issue with my husband-to-be and we decided that we should not have sex for the period of lent. Even though his church does not recognise lent, he recognises that it is a good exercise and has encouraged me thus far. Issue is, he seems to be getting weak. He is asking for it and I have somehow managed to prevent it till now.

Pressure is mounting from him and he is saying I am depriving him.

Now he claims he did not give consent to staying away from sex. Only for him to mention a couple of days ago that he caught himself looking at a girl lustfully, which I haven't ever seen in him before.

What do I do? I really do not want to give in to his demands. Is there any way I can help him hold on for the period? What will you do in such a situation?