Dear Myne - My Boyfriend of 9years Keeps Breaking up With Me

I was hoping some of the readers here could help me with a neutral point of view. I am a 25yr old lady and have known this guy for almost 9yrs. We met in school when I was barely 17yrs and he was 22. I know a lot of you don't believe in love at first sight but there are no other words to describe how it was.

It was all about loving each other's company and we waited for 4yrs (till I was legally of age) to take the step of becoming sexually involved. Sometimes we had nothing to eat but our love kept us full. 2yrs ago I got pregnant and because we didn't have so much financially we decided to get an abortion which almost killed me. I then asked him for some form of commitment but to my surprise he broke up with me the next day.

2months after that he came back pleading but I was still so hurt I refused to take him back. However every relationship I've gone into in the past year has failed because I couldn't find that bond with any of them. During this time he continued his begging and then finally I took him back only to discover after some time he had a girlfriend.

When I asked about it he promised to break it off but didn't. When I told him I wouldn't go on that way and he had to choose, he ended things with me,crying and asking me to allow him keep in touch - that the other lady doesn't make him happy the way I do but all his friends like her unlike me whom they are indifferent to(my friends also don't like him).

My question now is- do I keep on hoping or try to get him back or do I just keep walking and never look back this time? Because I am tired of the drama and don't understand it.