Dear Myne - I Don't Love My Fiance Like I Used To

I’m a huge fan of your blog and I really admire your approach to life. Ok, here's the gist... I was dating this guy since my first year in the university and I equally assisted him in getting entry into school the next academic session. I loved him but we had unending issues for all the years we dated and I broke it up when I graduated. I felt we weren’t close any more, there was little or no communication, and I’m igbo, he's not. Also he became verbally abusive and to crown it all, he's a Muslim while I’m from a strong catholic home.

Now after I called it off, we never communicated for over a year and only reconnected early this year. I am a corp member now while he's about rounding off with his final projects in school. He wanted us to continue from where we stopped and hopefully get married.

After much thought, I obliged because the other relationship I entered after him didn't even last up to six months. My supposed lover who promised to mend my heart practically jilted me and got married few months later. I was wrecked and made a firm decision to find true love that is indeed true to the word.

So, I decided to give my Muslim luv another try and now, he's exceptionally sweet, he's due for a total conversion to Catholicism by month end, he respects me and always at my beck and call but the problem now is I don't feel so much for him anymore like I used to which is a bad sign. I’m at the verge of asking him to just move on and let’s be friends but I I’m really confused and I really don't know what to do.

I'll be going for my masters in a couple of months and the next thing when I get back after getting a good job is marriage and my Muslim luv is not financially buoyant. Should I risk it and wait for him, or I should tell him how I feel so he can move on or what. Please I need your take on this, what do you think I should do... and I don't mind if you post it on your blog...thanks.