Date Night Movie Review - Side Effects

Before it came out, I did a preview of the Side Effects movie, saying how "it would be interesting for me to see what story has been crafted around drug side effects and how Steven Soderbergh has directed it" and equally looking forward to seeing the performances by the actors. I am happy to report that it met up to expectations. Enjoy our interactive review...

Atala: At first, I thought it was going to be all documentarious, like Soderbergh's previous film - 'Contagion'. So I was thinking I was going to find out what the deal was with those long lists of things that could go wrong in those pharmaceutical ads aired in the US. And at first, it looked like I was right - Drugs were doing some strange things to Emily - one of the protagonists in the movie - indeed.

Myne: Same thing here. But about halfway, it took a turn towards being a different kind of movie, a whodunit.

Atala: True

Myne: At first I wasn't pleased, but that had a draw of its own. I'm also a fan of mysteries, so it still worked for me.

Atala: I will say that I'm not that much of a fan of whodunits either, because second watching isn't the same. But I really did enjoy this later suspenseful phase of the film - it was very twisty and turny. I think I still like the first part better, though. It was very sad and poignant in parts.

Myne: Yes, it was. It was interesting seeing the relationship between Emily and her husband Martin, who had just been released from jail, and how she was trying to cope with this. What did you think of the actors - Channing Tatum (who played Martin) and Rooney Mara (who played Emily) especially?

Atala: I thought that Tatum was just a stock character, But Rooney did a brilliant job.

Myne: hahaha... did Channing Tatum take off his shirt? I think he did, in one or two scenes.

Atala: I don't know. Maybe my eyes were averted then.

Myne: but yeah, no heavy lifting from him in this movie. And what of Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Atala: She did what she had to do - she played a professional psychiatrist very professionally. But the character I really liked was Jude Law's psychiatrist. liked the way his character was going to pieces midway into the film over the fallout of a professional action he had taken concerning Emily. Well showed.

Myne: Lol... yes o, I was so absorbed by his character, it was so real.

Atala: True.

Myne: At a point, I was like, "Dude, chill." And then it came to a satisfying twisty end.

Atala: yes o. good enough for a 4 from me.

Myne: I give it a 4 too, nice one.