Another Blogger Proposal - A Dubai Engagement!

Love is a beautiful thing, and it is even more beautiful when it is shared. Recently, a blogger who I consider quite close got engaged to the love of her life in the shadows of the Burj Al Arab. She says;

I won't lie, I have truly found love! Lol! I'm full of joy. Even when we have issues or arguments, we both know it wouldn't break us so we vex for some hours and someone (usually him lol!) would send a text saying "I'm hungry" for instance. That would break the ice and we'll laugh then calmly talk through issues. I so can't wait to be his wifey! Lol! Not like much would change but I would see him more and spend more time with him, so looking forward to that.

I was going like Awww...Awww... at each pic. LOL... They were looking so sweet and cute, the love was just too visible! Congrats dearie, and now praying for a wedding that goes without hitches, and an even more amazing marriage. Now, now, I know some of us can add two and two and get four, but let's spare the blogger's anonymity for those who don't know. Enjoy the exclusive pictures below...

Check out the entire pre-wedding shoot HERE