Vincent Enyema - February Man Candy #24

Vincent Enyema is one of the finest and dedicated goalkeepers the Nigerian national football team has ever had, and he has been soaring for several years now. I became a fan of his when I was still following the local league and he played for Enyimba. His club won some good titles back then, and it's thanks to some of his fine work that Nigeria recently won the AFC.

If you're just joining, I'm making an album of sexy Nigerian male celebrities for February. It is my Valentine Ode to the handsome and hardworking Nigerian men in the public eye. We are winding down now, so no nore nominations are being taken.

Some February man candy have already been submitted, expect their posts in the coming days :)

Uti Nwachukwu
OC Ukejo
Gabriel Afolayan
Chigozie Atuanya
Rhycardo Agbor