SVU Predicts Tragedy For Chris Brown and Rihanna

One of my must see shows on TV is Law & Order: SVU (NBC), and after last weeks episode, they showed a preview of today's show. A beautiful young hip-hop star is beaten up by her boyfriend and it becomes a media circus when her crime scene pictures make it to the papers and blogs. Sound familiar?

I knew immediately they were referencing the Chris Brown-Rihanna saga from some years ago, and looked forward to seeing what they come up with. This is not the first time they're basing their episodes loosely on real life characters or events. In this case, I was intrigued by the timing with Chris Brown and Rihanna recently back together and talking about how much in love they are with each other.

So how did their episode go? Micha confronts her hip-hop star boyfriend when she sees him flirting with another woman and he beats her up. The witnesses all refuse to testify against him, either afraid to lose their jobs, or losing face. After her wounds heal, so does the assualted Micha. According to her, she's receiving tweets that are either calling her a ho or begging her to forgive him.

Even their producers are in on the cover-up, and play all cards including the race and hip-hop card to get the police to drop the case. Bottom line, they want Micha and Caleb Bryant to keep making money for them. And of course, there is the love card, the two young people are in LOVE. "Their relationship, it's complicated," one of them says.

There is no doubt SVU is referencing Chris Brown and Rihanna, one of the regular characters even calls them by name. But what got me sad and rethinking my sorta-defense of Rihanna going back to Chris Brown was how SVU's version of things ended. And the truth is that, much as we hope for the best for the young lovers, and much as we can't live their lives for them, the SVU ending though it is fictional is based on real life facts, which is what CB and Rihanna are living.

What happened? There's a fight at a nightclub, Micha is injured and her mentor is killed with a point-blank shot to the chest. We know Caleb Bryant pulled the trigger but again, no one is willing to speak out. Again, Micha chooses to lie under oath to protect him and their love.

They sail off to Bermuda together in a luxury yacht , but Caleb flares up again after Micha asks him about a text he receives. And the worst happens, her body is found floating the next dear, and the episode ends with a public outpouring of grief.

I am really praying for Rihanna and Chris Brown, no one deserves an unhealthy relationship, nor a life cut short either by death, or a prison sentence for domestic violence. The hope is that people change, and I hope for their sake, they both have learned their lessons.

Did anyone else watch this SVU episode? Do you think they went too far with their prediction of tragedy as happens too often in real life(Re:Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steemcamp)? Let's discuss...