Should Single Ladies Date Married Men?

A Nollywood actress made the news recently when in a recent interview, she advised single ladies this;

Let me explain something to you; where are the single guys? They are there and not ready to marry. If the single guys are not ready then the next available option should be taken. I believe one should go for whatever makes one happy. If a married man is the one that will make you happy, please go for it. I know married women would be angry with me but it is the truth of the matter".

I am not going to say much because one could misconstrue my comments as being influenced by my marital status. My question is, does she have a point? Knowing that a number of men spend more quality time with their mistresses than they do with their wives [Married Men Spend Valentine with Girlfriends], maybe the better question is, should married men ask single ladies out?