Re: Valentine - You asked, I answered

Please forgive my bad hair day, I'd just come out from getting a massage. The picture was taken on Valentine's Day. So I asked in this post for you guys to ask me any thing, and few questions came in which I've answered below;

Did you love Atala instantly or did you grow to love him? and if you did, whats that process like?

Thanks, Prov. I didn't love him instantly but I did admire him [or his mind and personality I should say]. You see, we 'met' online at a message-board. I was a lonely student in a new country looking for a place that felt like home. I found this website of Nigerians and the community welcomed me. He was among those that first interacted with me, and with time as I saw his intelligence, kindness, and level-headedness, I started to crush on him. I knew there was an attraction between our online personas, but he was aloof for a long time and so I just had fun.

His letter of a personal relationship came as a surprise, but a pleasant one. When we started talking on the phone, exchanging emails, and pictures, the love grew. However, he lived in America and I, in the UK. That put some bumps in our growing attachment to each other and even as we sorted through them, we agreed never to call it the L-word until we met each other face to face. Within 6 months, he came to visit me, and the rest as they say is history.

Do you plan on coming ever back to Nigeria?

There is no firm plan in place, but I would love to return for good one day. Till then, I live and appreciate the US and the life, love and opportunities living here affords me. I will continue to visit Nigeria regularly, and if possible, do what I can to help move the country and the people forward in any little diaspora way.

What is your dream location to live in?

A part of me wants to say Abuja, where I lived for a stretch of my adult life, and my favorite city in Nigeria. However, my dream location has changed to wherever my heart is at any moment in time. I love Seattle and my life here with Atala, and being able to offer my home to my family and friends as a way for them to get more exposure to the world.