[POLL] Boxers or Briefs - What Lies Beneath?

Do girls like boxers or briefs? Are you the guy who prefers boxers over briefs or the other way around? The world’s been divided for a long time over the business of the male underwear, which is, to be perfectly put, the “last line of defense for men”.

OK guys, this was how LovePanky started their epic showdown post on men's underwear. I personally grew up with most men and boys around me wearing briefs or tighty whities and wife beaters as they are sometimes called, as I grew older, boxers kind of took over. Now, I know there's a middle ground called boxer briefs. So which one are you ladies a fan of, and the guys, which one do you wear?

Vote below, and leave a comment with your reasons. Happy Monday :)

Briefs or Boxers