Michelle Obama Cut Her Bangs Because of Mid-Life Crisis

Michelle Obama got her new hairstyle with the bangs earlier this year and officially debuted it at the President's Inauguration. President Obama loved them saying, "I love her bangs... She looks good. She always looks good". LOL...of course that's what he would say. IMO too, and that of several people who tweeted or blogged about it, it looked great, though some wondered why?

Now, Michelle has confessed the reason for the switch up in her hairstyle. I would have thought it was the usual black woman's "I get bored with one hairstyle", but in an interview with Rachael Ray, airing tomorrow, Michelle Obama who is 49 years old, though she looks at least a decade younger, said;

“This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs. I couldn't get a sports car. They won't let me bungee jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

What do you think?

I assume she's joking, but mid-life crisis and menopause are realities as women get older and people react in various ways where a hair cut or style change could be the easiest and least problematic. Also, some cultures in Nigeria suggest cutting of hair for women when a husband or father/parent dies, and that is usually the case when you see a naija woman with a bald head or low cut hair.

I cut my hair recently but mostly because the hair itself got tired from the stress of styling it too regularly, or not treating it well, than any other thing. Beyond that, changing hairstyles has always been to get a different look.

What about you? If you cut your hair recently, what was the reason? Have you or anyone you know ever cut your hair out of a life situation like marking a birthday, heart break, stress from work, divorce or midlife crisis?