Linda Ikeji - You don’t need any Aristo to give you anything

Linda Ikeji with her two cars

When I featured Linda Ikeji and her inspirational book in 2010, her blog was just on the verge of taking off. Today, she is the foremost personal and celebrity blogger based in Nigeria. I said back then that Linda "inspires me with her humility, can-do-spirit, her consistency and the open mind with which she draws in people. She doesn't mind helping where she can and sometimes offers. You know that mantra, let's all be great together? That is Linda."

When my first book, A Heart to Mend, came out in Nigeria, Linda happily and without stress or asking for payment put up the press release on her blog. Since then, I've been a close follower of her blog, and when I feel down and like I'm tired of this online work here and on naijastories, I think of Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, and I recharge myself.

Recently, Linda added a 2011 Infiniti FX 35 SUV to the Camry she already owns. In her thank you note posted on her blog, she said some things, in addition to the title above, that has further endeared her to me. Hear her;

I put this up for two reasons:
1. To show off of course…why else? Lol
And 2, to encourage other ladies out there to keep working hard and keep believing in themselves. You don’t need any aristo to give you anything…any woman with will and drive can can give herself anything she wants!

By this time two years ago, I didn’t have much…but I never stopped believing in myself and I never stopped working hard. I can’t even begin to count how many businesses I put my hands into before one paid off - Blogging! I told myself that I will make it in this life one day as my own woman and on my own terms, that no man will ever take away my dignity…and I did it. So can you! Yes, you! You have the power!

This is probably a good time to say this… I’m starting a youth empowerment programme called I’d rather be SELF MADE, but I will tell y’all more about it later.

Lastly, if you’ve ever opened this blog to read its content, thank you! You can’t begin to imagine how much you’ve changed my life! Kisses!!!

Linda, you deserve this and more. I know you're wise enough and grounded enough to have made the best decisions for yourself. I wish you more success, joy and fulfillment. Your work ethics are surely an inspiration for me, and your life choices will inspire many modern Nigerian women. Well done!