Kim Kardashian in Nigeria - Blink and You Miss Her

Seriously, I wonder why event promoters even bother sometimes. Like I said when the Williams sisters stopped over in Nigeria, "I wonder at the money spent on bringing international celebrities to Nigeria. Could the money be better used?" At least Serena and Venus were there for a few days and held tennis classes and  spoke at events about their sport.

That unfortunately cannot be said for Kim Kardashian. She spent barely an hour at the event she was invited for, just to take pictures with Darey, Tuface and Tiwa. I hope those who paid for the event felt they got their money's worth. Not to throw shade or anything, but what again is Kim K famous for? I want to say sex tape, but I won't. Oh yes, she runs a fashion business with her sisters, but I know her Nigerian visit was not to show/launch a clothes line or perfume.

I get it now, Nigeria will be a 2-second clip in the next season of her reality show. Maybe.