Dear Myne - My Husband Has Abandoned Me

Hello Myne, I am a 29 year old woman who met Joe four years ago. When we met I was a temporary staff at my office, he had a comfortable job and a service car. He was nice to me, would on occasion give me money, not huge sums though. One year later,  Joe resigned from his job to start his own business.

A few months after his resignation I was made permanent at my company. God had been good to me and I bought a car. I was so in love with Joe and was determined to make things work for him. I loaned him about 10 000 dollars in small bits for the two plus years we were dating. He needed the money as business was slow and I obliged.

By the time we were getting married last year I decided to sell my car for wedding expenses and starting a family. I entrusted the sale to Joe. I found out after the wedding that he had sold it and used the money for his business without telling me. We live in different towns so along with my car, it was easy for him to sell all my household equipment and some of our wedding gifts.

Immediately after the wedding I got pregnant, but Joe never gave me a dime for clinic nor to prepare for the baby. He is now cruel to me and I don't understand why. Joe has bought a car now and won't even carry me nor my child in it. His business is picking up but he refuses to support me and the child. I have debts I don't even know how to pay cause I had to borrow to pay some hospital bills after a difficult birth for my baby.

In my house right now I sleep on the floor no bed, while my husband goes out clubbing. I am at wits end everybody talks about me. I am so discouraged I feel like ending my life. I don't know where to run to, I cannot even get a divorce cause I don't even have the money to file for one. My salary is barely enough for my kid and I.

Please I need your kindly advice and that of your readers. My life is hell right now.

My question is, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you leave him and worry about divorcing him later, or would you publish his name in the papers to shame him into paying child support?