Dear Myne - My Boyfriend Doesn't Pick my Calls

Before I accepted to go out with him, he called and texted me all the time, he would wake me with inspirational messages, and wish you goodnight before I slept. We've barely been dating three months and he hardly ever calls me anymore. His excuse is that we see each other more often now and know where we stand with each other but it's not convincing to me. When he was after me, we saw once a week, now maybe we see two or three times, is that not almost the same?

Now, he traveled to Nigeria two weeks ago and it has become worse. He called when he arrived and since then nothing. He doesn't even pick my calls when I do reach out to him. Sometimes it rings with no answer and other times, he sends a text to say he's busy and will call later, but he won't call. This makes me feel like I'm stalking him, and it's turning me off.

I'm not usually impatient like this but his movement is so suspicious. We had been talking about our marriage in a few months since we started dating but the last time I brought it up, he brushed it away. I'm really unhappy about this and thinking of breaking it off.