Dear Myne - He Didn't Buy Me Anything For Valentine

Good day. I have been in a relationship since November last year. We met on Facebook and became fast friends. We are from the same place and live in the same city so we met offline quickly and soon began our relationship.

 At 1st we talked everyday and chatted on BBM constantly. That was short lived as before long, he started being tied up with work and he really works - from Monday to Friday then on Saturday also till 12noon. So the calls dwindled. I realised that I was the one doing everything in the relationship. When I talk to him about this, he apologises and promises to do better.

Well, Vals day came and what I got was Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie via bbm. No call, no text (he's never sent me a love text by the way) not evn a dp on bbm. This, while I spent about 20k getting him stuff for vals day. Not that I regret what I spent because I love making people feel loved and special.

When I went to his house that evening, he was very happy about the cake and other stuff I got for him. I told him I wasn't happy that he didn't get anything for me. His excuse was that he was broke. That really hurt me because although I know he spent money moving to his new place, it wasn't like I was expecting a car or a yatch. No matter how small, its the thought that matters.

Moreover he didn't plan on getting me anything because if he did, he would have worked towards it. I'm unemployed but because I had plans for him, I planned ahead n put things together for him.

That Valentine's day incident really really hurt me deeply and I didn't fail to let him know. Though he was as remorsful as ever, I don't understnd that. I read a lot of relationship columns, and it seems he's not as into me as I'm into him.

At this stage, I want to decide if I have to detach my emotional self from the relationship. I have stopped calling or pinging him. He's the man and he ought to determine where the relationship is leading. He only calls me about once a day excitedly telling me what he's doing at his new place, but that's not enough. Although it's not easy, I intend to stand my ground.

I still have high hopes for this relationship so I dunno if I'm doing the right thing. Esp as I'll be going for NYSC camp pretty soon and then this would be a long distance relationship. I'm very emotional and I hate being taken for granted. Please I need your advice and you can publish this on your blog too. Thanx.