Charlyboy and Lady D on 2nd Honeymoon Trip

CharlyBoy is one of those people you can either love or love to hate. While I'm not such a fan of his music, I admire his personality. His social consciousnessis admirable as he comes from a relatively wealthy and educated middle class home, and has equally done well for himself. I was equally impressed after he visited a bank I worked at six years ago.

Not only was he alone, and made no fuss as it took his account officer several minutes to be able to attend to him. His wife later joined him and we got to meet them, no autographs in those days, but many of us in the office then respected him. The closeness with Lady Diane was clear to see.

They are still going strong, and recently it was in the news that on his wife's birthday, Charlyboy planned a birthday surprise to celebrate his nearly 36 years of love and marriage with Lady Diane. He secretly organized a vacation that spanned four cities in four countries around the world. Enjoy some pictures from the PowerBike tour of Dubai...

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