Being Open to Meet Potential Dates Online and Offline

After I published my Re: Valentine post, I got a couple of emails from people who wanted to know more about how Atala and I met online, where, and what I had to say about online dating, or simply meeting potential dates online, and then taking it offline.

One was looking for websites/message boards where he could meet people, and asked for specific websites to meet new ladies. He said reading mine and Atala's meeting again made him want to give online dating a shot.

The other, a lady, said she had kinda been accused of not being open to meeting people online and taking a step outside of her comfort zone. She also wanted to know more about online dating. Though she had dabbled on a dating site before, she never got past the profile filling, and wanted more targeted directions.

Now, I didn't use dating websites, and never had to use one though I've heard good things. I met Atala on the, it has a forum where one can register and interact with others. It is not a proper online dating site, so nothing like exchange of profiles or that sort of thing. If you know nairaland, it is something like that, and can even be compared to blogging and being active in the comment sections.

I have to be honest, online dating can be difficult, especially if you connect with someone long distance. You have to be in the right frame of mind, same as the other person for it to work.

For those who are ready, willing and able to meet new people and start serious relationships, I will suggest more straightforward channels like eHarmony or On those places, you can determine the location and type of person you want to meet with. It is best to select those relatively close to your geographic area, so that meeting up offline won't be such a huge deal.

Also, Facebook may yield options. Look for friends, and friends of friends who fit what you're looking for. Same with Twitter, and other microblogging sites.

IMO, the main thing about meeting potential dates, whether online or offline, is to be open and really SEE the people around you. Interact with them if you like them, and show you're available and interested.

Please anyone with more tips on dating online and/or meeting potentials for offline dating, please share.