A Promise Ring Versus an Engagement Ring?

When a man proposes with a ring to the woman he's dating or in love with, the intention is not in doubt, he wants to marry the women in the nearest possible time. This will usually be within a few months to a couple of years or as long as it takes to plan and execute a wedding of their choice. When the lady accepts the ring and wears it, she is saying yes to this request of a future marriage and will probably start asking to set a wedding date soon after.

But what of a promise ring? Does it signify the same thing? Not necessarily. I've heard of promise rings in several instances and some are not even romantic. Girlfriends can decide to buy each other or themselves promise rings to be friends forever, abstain together till marriage, etc. Some also use promise rings to pledge fidelity before marriage or after an extra-marital affair, etc. On a few occasions, promise rings are used to signify that an engagement is in the future, maybe in five years or more. In those scenarios, they are used as a placeholder, as they're mostly cheaper than engagement rings.

The question is, would you accept a promise ring when you're able, willing and ready to hear the real "Will You Marry Me?"

Watch the funny clip above, and let's discuss :)