40 Romantic Movies For Your Valentine

Valentine’s day is practically just days away and love in the air any way we turn. We have been discussing things to do this Valentine, and one way that we both enjoy is to watch movies. While there's one we want to catch at the cinema the weekend after, we can also relax at home that evening with some oldies but goodies.

When I started thinking about romantic movies, I realised how many I'd need to go through to decide. My head seems filled with movie titles, and it's possible I've seen over a thousand! From romantic comedies to tear jerkers, Nollywood to Bollywood, Animations to Drama, Classic to Modern, I've seen them all. Okay Most of them.

Below are some I can remember right off the cuff, starting with the first two romantic movies I probably ever saw.

The Sound of Music

The King & I

Phantom of the Opera+

Moulin Rouge+


Brown Sugar

Love and Basketball

Romeo and Juliet

Love Story

Up Close and Personal

Bridget Jones Diary



Love Always

Dear John

50 First Dates

Blast From The Past

Sweet November

Legends of the Fall

Pretty woman

Sleepless in Seattle

The Last of the Mohicans

The Notebook

Lady and the Tramp*

Beauty and the Beast*

The Hunchback of Notre Dame*

The Lion King*



The Little Mermaid*


The Princess And The Frog*


Keeping faith^

Mortal inheritance^

Letters From a Stranger^

Khabhi Khushi"


Chori Chori"


+ Musical

Which ones would you add?