10 Things Women Like to Hear From Their Men

They say women love to hear lies from their men, as long as that is what they want at that point in time. Personally, and some women I know have said the same, I prefer genuineness in a guy. I want to know you're being honest in our interactions and telling me the truth most of the time. I want a guy who will allow me watch my 30mins of E! and still discuss politics when we need to.

However, some men find it hard figuring out how to put their feelings and emotions about their ladies into words that are real and not too flowery. So this one is for the men who love us. Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to find the right things to say to the lady in your life? Whether you are in a committed relationship or wanting to take your relationship to the next level, here are 10 ways to talk and engage with your woman.

1. “You’re very smart.”
I know I want to be appreciated for my intelligence. It could be her book-smarts or street smarts but complimenting your woman on how savvy she is in different situations show that you're paying attention, and seeing the whole package, not just to her body.

2. “You are the most beautiful woman to me.”
We may not all be Miss Universe material as pageants go, but each woman is wonderful in her own right, and stating how in your eyes, at least she is beautiful will definitely go a long way.

3. “You’re my best friend.”
We've all heard how everything is not about sex. Love and relationships need sex, yes, but they also need friendship for a deeper connection. Tell your woman she's a friend which means you connect with her on an emotional level too.

4. “I am so proud of you.”
And say it like you mean it, and only when the situation calls for it. Also, never use these words in a snarky or sarcastic way, or she may never believe them again.

5. “You’re perfect just the way you are.”
Of course, none of us is perfect, we come with our chips, blinders, and baggages, but saying this means you've accepted her just the way she is and are there for her if she wants to grow and get even better.

6. “I don’t want to be with anyone else.”
This is an expression of commitment, so it is better to say this to wives and fiancees. If you say it to a girlfriend, make sure you mean it and I hope for your sake an engagement or promise ring is around the corner, LOL...

7. “What do you feel/think about [anything]?”
I love to express my feelings on most topics, from our household and finances to trends, to politics, to science fiction. I know a lot of women are versatile like that too. Ask your woman's opinion regularly and know how she feels about issues and topics, and you'll be making her a friend.

8. “How was your day?”
This is the easiest ice-breaker I can think of for couples. When you meet each other after a long day apart, ask her how her's went and she'll definitely appreciate the listening ear.

9. “You’re great in bed.”
Yes, say it, and say thank you too when you come off your earth shattering O. If you feel your woman can do better, tell her what she can do, and then compliment her when she tries.

10. “I love you.”
Do I even need to add this? Say it when you mean it, and say it often. Add a hug and a kiss too.

You can use some of these everyday and others as and when the need arises. Remember, your woman is an individual, and these are just basic foundational tools. Listen to her, know what she wants and then build your relationship on top of that. All the best.