My First Homemade Two-Strand Twists

One way I have learnt to help my hair grow, apart from using hair grow products, is to put it in protective styles. I am one of those people who has a funny habit of picking at my hair, and it is worse when in an afro. My fingers seek out the tangles, multiple and single strand knots, and before I know it, break and pull off the hair. No one has to tell me this doesn't help so I usually put my hair in corn-rows.

But that was getting too repetitive, and my hair has now also become so long and full that breaiding it has become a arm-breaking chore. I had to find another way, and I did. Several blogs mentioned two strand twists and after watching my stylist do it a few times, and seeing some tutorial videos on Youtube, I decided to give it a try.

Two strand twists are surprisingly easy to pull off. After adding cream to two sections of hair, you twist them around each other till you get to the tips. If your hair is as curly as mine, the ends will hug each other and ensure the strands don't spring apart. The pictures are of my homemade twists after some days and I rocked them for a couple more weeks.

After shampooing and conditioning, I towel dried the hair and applied leave-conditioner. After dressing up, and with the hair a little less wet, I sectioned the hair in four and added some gel and hair souffle. I then sectioned each part into a further three and twisted them. When I finished I had about 12 twists. I then separated each twist, applied more cream to the sections and twisted. It took about three hours but at the end, I had almost fifty twists.

When I started, the thought lingered that I couldn't do it. I almost left it at 20 twists, but where my hands and arms would've started complaining if I were doing corn-rows, this was bearable. And the results as I twisted littler and littler sections made it worth it.

So any lessons for next time? I would add more cream and gel to the hair and try to get the roots more discrete from each other. I might even go for smaller sections :)

Who else twists their hair? Do you have any tips for me? And if you don't twist, why and would you give it a try?