Menu Ideas - Curried Rice with Chunky Beef

This will not be a full recipe post as I believe most of us already know how to cook these basic meals in our own different ways. That doesn't mean there won't be more recipe posts coming up though. Just that for this and some other food posts, I'll be sharing some pictures of what I consider menu ideas.

I'm someone who gets easily bored by routine, and this extends to the food I eat. While I can eat the same meal everyday, especially if it is tasty, on an ordinary day, I'd rather do something to switch it up or spice it up. For instance, I may cook white rice in enough quantity for a few days and we'll eat some while the rest goes into the fridge. The next day, instead of the same rice and stew of the previous meal, I'll make a vegetable sauce, turn it to stewed rice, or even use a soup like Egusi or Okazi.

In these pictures, what I did was that I stir-fried chunky beef in butter along with mixed vegetables that included peas, green beans, carrots, and sweet corn. The rice was reheated and steamed in a curried broth till it is soft and warn. At that point, I mixed it in with the stir-fry. It was a bit close to fried rice but I wouldn't call it that.

I know quite a number of people like to have their meat as a side and not within the rice, but this chucks that idea aside. I like it this way since with the meat separate, I tend to start eating my meat even before I'm done. Only thing is, if you have children and you usually bribe them with meat, that might not work here.

Notice also that the vegetables are also not used to garnish the meal but are stirred into it. The good part is that if your children usually avoid their vegs, with this option, they cannot toss them aside or feed them to the dog :)