Lekki Wives - TV Show or the Moral Police

Lekki Wives is a new series produced and directed by Blessing Effiom Egbe, the producer of “Two Brides and a Baby” which I haven't seen, but whose other romantic comedies I have liked in the past. When I first heard the title, I thought it was going to be a reality TV series, in the mold of the "Wives" of USA - Basketball Wives, Hollywood Ex-Wives, Real Housewives of wherever, etc. but that is not the case. It is a scripted drama comedy series, more like Desperate Housewives.

Lekki wives is touted to "highlight the lives and antics of five women who live in the highbrow, posh Lekki area of Lagos and is a true reflection of the modus operandi of many wealthy, fashionable and “happening’ women who call it home." Lekki wives stars Kiki Omeili, Adaora Ukoh, Katherine Edoho, Keira Hewatch, and Chinomnso Young as the main characters.

The series producers say they aim to teach, inform and at the same time, entertain viewers with the show. I have seen the preview and the first thing I notice is the clean camera work, the interior settings are also very well designed and colored. However, I'm not too sure about some of the storylines in there, they seem to want to shock and push the envelope. At the same time, it could work if done well.

My major problem with the promo out so far is that supposedly, "the main aim of these series asides the obvious entertainment and informative value, is to create awareness and deter upcoming wives and young girls alike from pursuing only the glamorous aspects of life but to have a broader sense of who they are as women in an otherwise corrupt society where loose and immoral ways of acquiring wealth and living is the order of the day."

The show also seeks to "teach women the importance of self awareness, self respect, self satisfaction and above all self service to the home, society, mankind and God."

Ehmmm...While that is all lofty and not bad on it's own, I am often leery of overly preachy methods of entertainment. I'm tempted to ask, who has died and made the producers of Lekki Wives the moral police? Can't you just entertain us, and allow each viewer tease out the lessons they will?

Anyway, I have just come from watching the Adam's Apples Series over the holiday period, and I'm reminded a bit of that with Lekki Wives. If this show is any bit as entertaining, I'll surely be tuning in. The producers should try and make it available online, several options abound - Distrify, Amazon Instant video, Youtube, etc. All the best to them.