How to Make Moi-Moi and Corned Beef - Eat with Pap

Moi-Moi is one of those meals I forget to cook because I think of it in my head as too difficult to prepare. This is because when growing up, and for a long time after that, we used fresh beans and had to clean it by hand before making moi-moi. When I tried that here the first time, it broke my blender, and since then, my wariness of moi-moi increased. I do cook it once in while a with bean flour, but either the taste doesn't come out the way I want it, or the texture is off.

My mom reminded me of the meal during her last visit, and at our visit to the African store, I bought a pack of the ground bean flour. This one had a recipe and method of preparation on the label and turned out to be the best moi-moi I had prepared in years. I've since bought several packs more of the same kind and moi-moi has more regularly been on the menu.


1/2 a pack of ground bean flour
2 large tomatoes
1 large onion
2 teaspoon ground pepper
2 knorr cubes
1 tin of corned beef
2 ladle fulls of vegetable oil
Cooking spray
Salt and spices to taste
Foil paper


1. Mix the beans flour with warm water and stir into a thick paste. Allow to stand for 30mins.

2. Blend the tomatoes, pepper, knorr cubes, and the onions. I prefer mine not too smooth for some added texture.

3. Pour the mixture into the beans paste and stir in more water till you have a flowing consistency.

4. Add salt and spices to taste. Just a little is usually better.

5. Cut your foil paper into how many pieces you need and fold the three edges tight, at least two times over.

6. Romove your Corned beef from the tin and cut into small pieces.

7. Start a pot of water to boil. Line the bottom with foil or use a steel colander that can fit in the pot.

8. Spray the inside of each foil packet, pour in 2 ladles of the beans mixture, add some pieces of corned beef, and fold closed.

9. Layer in the pot till the mixture is finished.

10. Cover pot and steam for 30 - 45 minutes, checking to make sure there's still water in the pot, and topping up where necessary.

At the end of this, your moi-moi is done. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Unwrap from the foil paper and serve. I used pap with milk and sugar to spice up mine.