Downton Abbey Season 3 Begins With a Wedding

I first heard about Downton Abbey from Sting and after a while, I decided to check it out. The first episode I caught up with on PBS was not so encouraging. There were some characters I knew I could get to love, like Maggie Smith's sharp witted old Dame, but not knowing the full story held me back.

However, finding out over the weekend on Twitter that a new season was starting, I decided to try again. And I was rewarded with a fantastic episode, which included a lovely wedding. Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary of Downton Abbey had a beautiful spring wedding in their village church.

It's amazing the attention the producers of this show pay to every little detail. If you didn't know this was acting, you would take it for a documentary. From the houses, the manner of speech, costumes, everything! I am looking forward to watching more episodes. And who knows, I might even go back and watch the past seasons :)

Who else is watching, did you catch yesterday's episode? Thoughts?