Dear Myne - My Boyfriend Does not Have a Degree

I met this guy of recent early this January. We've just been friends and from all indication he wants to be more than a friend with me. Anytime he is around me he keeps talking about marriage and all. The issue here is that I feel this guy did not attend a higher institution though his English is OK. He is a very nice guy with a good character.

To some extent, one can tell the kind of person a guy is with his relationship with his present family. I have seen him with his family and the way he cares for them. He is the first child with four younger ones. The way he relates with his family shows they are so close. The guy is God fearing.

I have not really had the liver to ask him about school issue, I don't want him to feel bad. There was a time we were talking and I was like for me, I want to go for my PGD this year and then my masters. He didn't say anything towards that so i sensed it and decided not to talk about school with him. I am the sensitive type so I acted sensitively that day by keeping quiet and not talk about school again till when am sure about his own school status.

I have met guys who have gone to school and have all the degrees but I couldn't stay with them cos of their character.Now the problem is, should the school issue be a priority to marry one. This guy sells cars for a living. He has two offices in town here in Abuja. He is on his own and has people working for him. But I have my reservation about the school tin. Could it be because I have never dated someone who didn't school?

Please, i need your readers take on this. Thank you