Central Business District, Abuja - Picture Weekend

I lived in Abuja for just over six years, from July 2000 when I arrived for my youth service to September 2006 when I left for further studies in Scotland. It was the city where I spent the longest part of my adulthood, and where a lot of who I am today was formed. It's probably the only other place in addition to Seattle and Asaba that I consider home.

The last time I was in Abuja was in December 2010, I was there for the Infusion reading organized by Lola Shoneyin. It was a lovely time spent meeting new people, hanging out at some of my old haunts, revisiting some old friends, and generally chilling and fooling around with my sister.

As it was my first visit to Nigeria after a couple of years, I also ate voraciously of everything I had missed. As you can see from my cheeks and arms, I added like 10 pounds within the first week, LOL. But this post is more about the city itself and some the pictures I was able to capture for the time till I visit again.

Atala has not been before, so it's almost certain we'll be there one of these days/years to play tourist. Abuja is still, as far as I know, the best city in Nigeria and worth the time to visit and have a look see. I didn't have enough time in 2010 to do some of the more out of the way places - like Gurara falls, Zuma Rock, etc - but enjoy the pics of central district Abuja below...

Federal Secretariat 1

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ahmadu Bello Way

Police Headquaters

Aeroplane House in Asokoro

Aso Rock

Eagle Square

Federal Secretariat 2

Supreme Court HQ

Tomb of Unknown Soldier with Aso Rock in the background

Can you see the National Assembly?

National Assembly (Green Dome) with Aso Rock