Being Intentional about Maintaining my Hair

As a happy go lucky student in university with more time on my hands and little spare change for salons, I minimized my relaxer touch-ups. I instead invested in some good hair products and dedicated some good hours giving my hair love. My hair thanked me for it, and got almost to my bra strap, and for long after that, I was one of those people who get their egos stroked at the salon by new stylists and when other people gush over the blackness and fullness of my hair.

But I lost that good habit when I got into the adult world, there was less time and more money, and what I thought were good salons. It wasn't long before I found my way back to monthly relaxer schedules and I spent less and less time giving my hair its needed nutrition. Coupled with my share of hair accidents over the years, mostly caused by product misuse - relaxers being the worst culprit- my hair got stuck at shoulder length.

Some accidents also included bad hair maintenance, too much heat, leaving braids or weaves for longer than I should, removing them badly, poor conditioning, etc. A combination of all that led to my big chop, and my decision after that to go without chemical relaxers, and to be more intentional about maintaining my hair. Some of the products I got recently include the following;

I have used the Cantu Shea butter for almost 2 months now and I testify to its goodness. This bottle is almost finished and I will be getting another one, and no, I was not paid for this review :)

The other two are new purchases and I'm yet to see the outcomes. Who else has used these products, and what do you think?

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